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The Porn Disaster

A Powerful Series from Shalom World

Shalom World brings you a powerful talk series tackling porn addiction head-on. From the devastating impact of porn addiction to survivor stories, the panel of experts will enlighten, empower, and guide you through this challenging issue. Don't miss 'The Porn Disaster'. All episodes now available. 

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Making a Difference

"Our mission at Integrity Restored is to help restore the integrity of individuals, spouses, and families that have been affected by pornography and pornography addiction. Integrity Restored provides education, training, encouragement, and resources to break free from pornography, heal relationships, and to assist parents in preventing and responding to pornography exposure which is so devastating in the lives of our children. We are also a resource that trains and helps clergy in assisting families at the parish level, so that the domestic church truly becomes what it is, the human space in which we encounter Christ."

Brain, Heart, World


A three-part documentary from Fight the New Drug

To stream all three episodes, you must create a "private screening" account first. 

Everything You Need To Know About Fight the New Drug’s Three-Part Docuseries

We made a docuseries that explores the different ways research has shown that porn can impact individuals, relationships, and society. Read on to learn more.


Doing What’s Needed

"Porn thrives on shame and secrets. Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability™ service is designed to help you overcome porn by monitoring your screen activity and sending a report to a trusted friend who holds you accountable for your online choices."

Defend Young Minds

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Doing What’s Needed

Kids can learn to reject pornography.
We call it "digital self-defense." Let our best-selling books, curriculum, guides and newsletter help you raise empowered, resilient, screen-smart kids.

Fight the New Drug

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Exceeding Expectations


Fight the New Drug (FTND) is a non-religious and non-legislative nonprofit that exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness of its harmful effects using only science, facts, and personal accounts.


We aim to decrease the demand for sexual exploitation through education while helping individuals live empowered lives free from the harmful effects of pornography.

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Tackling the Issue

"Bloom For Catholic Women offers therapeutic and Catholic-based online courses for women healing from the trauma of discovering their husband's sexual and/or pornography addiction. We're dedicated to helping Catholic women gain confidence, hope, and resilience through professional therapeutic support, spiritual insight, educational resources, and an empathetic community.

You're not alone. You can find joy and stability independent of life's circumstances.

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The Real Price of Human Trafficking

Do you know what human trafficking looks like in America? If you see it, how do you stop it? Get the answers in this episode with guest Haley McNamara.

Restored. True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn


Tackling the Issue

Porn Kills Love...These Couples Brought It Back To Life Pornography is a cancer of the spirit that not only darkens the minds and souls of those who use it it corrodes their relationships. It destroys trust, deadens intimacy, and erects barriers of shame, anger, and betrayal between husbands and wives, between parents and children. But this cancer can be cured. Love and trust can be built again.

Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography


Making a Difference

Pornography is no longer just a men's issue. Dr. Peter Kleponis presents an alarming in-depth look at the pornography epidemic that is ruining lives, marriages, families, and careers and hindering life-giving relationships with God. Read the stories of real people men, women, clergy, seminarians, and teens who've suffered from addictions to pornography and went on to find healing. Freedom is possible. Integrity can be restored.


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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Comprised of diverse religious groups, we, at RAAP, are united by our mission to educate people of faith about the harmful and addictive nature of pornography and its corrosive effect on public health, support efforts that help those harmed by the pornography industry, and promote high moral standards in society.

You Are Made New Ministries

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Committed to Quality

…healing through the integration of therapeutic practices and our Catholic faith.

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